Our Values

Our Values

Value Proposition

The J&Y brands take great pride in ensuring that all services are rendered with the utmost professionalism and integrity. We understand that although the climate of foreclosures has steadily declined, the short sale and investment segments are still vitally dependent on renovations and new market economies. Banks, owners, and investors rely on the professionally administered curb/entry appeal to attract new buyers, with resale activities mandating a clean, refreshed modern appearance for prospect conversion. As it is often necessary to provide services that ensure hazards are brought up to code or premises are secured, our services provide the critical components that enable property owners to revitalize their real estate holdings enabling support rapid restoration and turnkey occupancy.

WE ARE CARING: We will continue to make a positive impact on disaster survivors by supporting our mission with compassionate, quality and timely housing inspection services. We value every employee and are committed to each employee’s success. We will continue to make health and safety a priority.

WE ARE INNOVATIVE: Through our continuous improvement culture, we encourage and value informed initiative-taking. We are constantly looking ahead, maintaining readiness, anticipating and responding to change with agility. We are problem-solvers who explore new ideas and we are driven to find the ideal solution. We challenge the status quo, think outside of the box, and learn from our experiences.

WE ARE UNITED: Our strength is in the power of our collaboration and teamwork. We operate seamlessly and support one another. We mentor and teach each other so that our client can gain from our collective experience.

WE ARE TRUSTWORTHY: All our relationships are built on trust. We are transparent and ethical. We act with integrity, keep our word, and treat everyone with respect.

WE ARE PASSIONATE: We remain steadfast in our commitment to operational excellence. We believe in providing quality and value in everything we do, to our clients and to our communities. We have a positive attitude and we flourish in an inspiring and enjoyable atmosphere.